National Customer
Service Week

Learn How National Customer Service Week Began
Who started National Customer Service Week?  When did it start?  How did it get to where it is today?  The history of National Customer Service Week is documented below.
National Customer Service Week was established by the International Customer Service Association (ICSA) in 1984 and proclaimed a national event by the U.S. Congress in 1992. National Customer Service Week is celebrated annually during the first full week of October.
In 1992, Former U.S. Senators Robert Dole and Nancy Kassebaum, along with U.S. Representatives Dan Glickman and Pat Roberts, championed this dynamic legislation on Capitol Hill resulting in the U.S. Congress proclaiming the first full week of October as National Customer Service Week. The proclamation was the culmination of two years of persistent work and effort by ICSA members who, through letters and phone calls, contacted their congressmen urging support of National Customer Service Week.
According to John Kressaty who served as President of the ICSA during these efforts, National Customer Service Week activities have far-reaching effects in October and throughout the year. "There are two main purposes of National Customer Service Week,” says Kressaty.  "It lets you recognize the job that your customer service professionals do 52 weeks a year. The other purpose is to get the message across a wide range of business, government and industry that customer service is very important along with bottom line profit in running a business," explains Kressaty.
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