Service Stars

?Would you like to recognize the SERVICE STAR(S) in your organization 
What behaviors does a SERVICE STAR exhibit?
* Treating all customers and employees with dignity, respect and honesty.
* Delivering positive experiences and building long-lasting relationships.
* Going beyond company and customers’ expectations by being attentive, dedicated and efficient.
* Exhibiting and role modeling throughout every day in the interactions and work done for their company and customers.

SERVICE STAR Categories include:
- Front Line Service Providers
- Front Line Leaders/Support Staff
- Managers/Directors

Are nominations limited from my organization?  The ICSA assumes that internal nominations will be made and submitting companies will have individual criteria to narrow down your lists.  Final submission for NCSW SERVICE STAR recognition should be your top talent.

Submissions of each Service Star nomination must include the following: 
1. A paragraph (maximum of 200 words) telling us why nominee should be recognized as a NCSW SERVICE STAR and in which category,
2. Color photo of nominee,
3. Name and phone number of submitter (for any questions or clarification on nomination), and
4. Address of where to send the Certificate of Recognition.

Nominations must be mailed to [email protected] and received no later than COB on September 28, 2018 .

NCSW SERVICE STAR Announcements will be posted on on October 1, 2018.  Certificates of Recognition will be mailed to be received by October 5, 2018.

National Customer Service Week is a great time to honor your BEST OF THE BEST in delivering exceptional customer service!