National Customer Service Week
Service Stars!!

Basin Electric Power Cooperative
James Gardner,
Front Line Support Staff

Jill Leitz,
Front Line Service Provider

From his first day at Basin Electric, James Gardner has been a living example of outstanding customer service. We work in a small Help Desk call center in a company of approximate 2000 employees, many of whom have a long tenure. James has only been with us for a little under a year, but he quickly distinguished himself as someone who cares deeply about Basin and our employees.

James’s commitment to our customer often results in highly positive feedback, and they almost always call him out by name. Here are just a few of the most recent comments our employees have made after their interactions with him:
·         James was quick to fix my problem and had a great attitude while doing so.
·         James responded immediately to my email and was knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Thank you, James!
·         James knew exactly how to resolve my issue right away. Thanks!!
·         He did his job so I could do mine.

James has a drive to succeed, a desire to learn, and a passion for people that make him an invaluable asset to Basin’s Help Desk, and he deserves to be recognized as an ICSA Service Star
Jill recently started her 30th year as a Support Center representative at Basin Electric Power Cooperative. She is THE example of customer service. Jill not only goes above and beyond for every customer she works with, she solves their issues with a smile on her face and in her voice.

We work in a small Help Desk call center in a company of approximate 2000 employees. When our employees call, they all know Jill, and she knows them. When you talk to Jill, it’s like calling your favorite neighbor to give you a hand.

Aside from helping our customers, Jill is also a leader on the Support Center team. She trains and mentors new employees, participates as a Support Center representative on various project teams, and is an outstanding role model for Basin Electric’s cooperative values. Jill deserves to be recognized for her dedication to her job, to our customers, and to the cooperative.

City of New York, Department of Finance

Jackson Revolus, Front Line Leader
Jackson Revolus is a dedicated professional who provides quality customer service to the public.   In the 25 plus years that he has worked for the City of New York, he has always provided high quality work and is a team player.  He ensures that he listens to all the customers and understands their needs.  He ensures that customers get all of their issues resolved.  He also coaches his staff and encourages people to be the best they can be. Customers often praise Jackson for his patience, commitment, and responsiveness.    

When serving both internal and external customers, Jackson ensures that he gets back to the customers promptly.  He helps others without hesitation and will always go the extra mile to help customers even if it means he has to do additional research or call other units for assistance.   Jackson trains new staff and works with our college students and he has inspired fellow employees with his work ethic and the text within this text box.


Alejandro Azefeifa, Front Line Service Provider

Arren Conner,

Razvan Onel,
Front Line Service Provider

Despite the fact that Alejandro joined Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Academy for College Hires, he has left no stone unturned in proving, that his technical acumen and service attitude is second to none.

While his acumen was clear even during training, the taste of the pudding is in the eating. As soon as he was on the shop floor, Alejandro hit the ground running. He never shied away from taking the toughest of customer problems in the Azure Identity Management space and solved them all to the customer’s satisfaction.

Not limited to that, Alejandro who is an erudite has signed up for performing User Acceptance Tests for newer versions of CRMs thus enabling efficiency for his colleagues.

Alejandro is liked by one and all on the floor due to his service attitude, respectful behavior and industriousness.
Arren Conner, Principle Supportability Manager, is a Service Star within Microsoft Commercial Windows Support and beyond.  Arren models excellence in execution and shares his best practices freely with others.  His "network" listening system is a globally diverse group of customers, support engineers, and field contacts working with our customers daily.  Leveraging that broad system, he takes their feedback and advocates for our customers every single day by relentlessly driving improvements in our product and monthly update.  He reports to product engineering the overarching weekly top issues driving customers call into support, including third party and security issues affecting them.  He has even reached out to third party companies to notify them how their product changes impact our customers.  He gets the issues addressed by either recommending improvements in product or through content he creates.  Arren has written hundreds of support articles that enable both engineers and customers to identify and solve problems quickly and even preventing the need to engage support, achieving more with our technologies and products.  Many articles have shaved hours off average case times, savings in hundreds of thousands in support costs over his tenure with our company.
Onel is a Support Engineer in the Azure App Services EMEA team, part of the DEV technical vertical.

What recommends him for the Service Star is his mindset of always helping customers and colleagues, with dignity respect and honesty. He will never step back from jumping into the most challenging situations, both with customers, helping them unblock critical situations, as well as with his peers, helping them successfully solve politically hot situations. He is seen as a trusted technology advisor for Function Apps, by customers and colleagues alike. Delivering positive experiences and building long-lasting relationships, Razvan is the go to person and customer ask to work with him for certain cases they open. When it comes to incoming cases in the queue, Razvan is always on top of queue, sorting cases out, taking fast decisions on what needs to be addressed on priority, and providing technical hints that will help his colleagues choose the right troubleshooting direction. All in all, he is always attentive, dedicate and most important very efficient.

      Cheryl Huang,                          Irene Lee,                              Jimmy Lin,                                Tina Su,
Front Line Service Provider           Front Line Service Provider           Front Line Service Provider           Front Line Service Provider

Management was very honored to nominate Jimmy Lin, Cheryl Huang, Tina Su and Irene Lee from Microsoft Enterprise Cloud support team as the Service Stars. They embody the Microsoft Customer Obsession culture as true role models and are fully committed to seek every opportunity to improve customers’ satisfaction through all interactions.  This year the team has gone above and beyond to archive fabulous customer satisfaction results; 5-star average rating 4.94 out of 110 customer surveys and receive many compliments from customers!  Especially I would like to call out that Cheryl/Tina/Irene all have tenure of less than 1 year. They ramp up quickly and cover a broad range of products’ support under their huge workload.  Despite multiple challenges, this young team took on big challenges and delivered exceptional results through shared accountability and razor-sharp customer focus. More importantly their customer obsession and full dedication has won the customer trust and lifelong Microsoft fan! Below is a customer’s feedback that well demonstrates the team’s great work! “…I am running a medium size company with around 1000 employees. Honestly speaking, I feel jealous that you have such great employees who deliver on an awesome customer experience, this means a lot to your customers! No matter how the technology evolves in the future, I and my company will be Microsoft’s lifelong fan just because of this high quality customer service!”
Brian Wang,
Front Line Support Staff - IT

Nancy Zamora,
Front Line Service Provider

Brian Wang from APR big data support team demonstrates how ‘Top Talent’ characters should be looked like, his performance is highlighted not only because the excellent delivery has been driven to the most critical product (Azure big data) in the organization, but also proactively reaching out to Product Group (PG) to achieve business impacts to the company. With the broad technical knowledge (i.e. machine learning, big data as well as Cloud, C#/Java/ App Design etc.) and have in-depth knowledge (i.e. OS debug skill) for supporting our strategy products, enabled him to be very capable on driving the overall technical delivery and be the best mentor to the rest of the team. As promoted to work as an EE and then stepped into an escalation handling role, always working tirelessly and showing strong accountability with our business, besides helping with team’s delivery with ramping up 5+ FTEs’ skill capabilities, he won the great reputation in our organization’s global collaboration as well. He has received many compliments internally and externally
Just within a few weeks of having joined Microsoft, Nancy Zamora has displayed exemplary customer service skills. Not limited to the skills she possesses on the phone, she handles the queries from her colleagues with dignity, irrespective of the fact, whether she knows the answer or not.

This goes on to say a lot about her behavior, that has enabled her to get laurels from her colleagues and customers alike. Be it in the first hour, or the last hour, or even beyond that, she ensures that customers are “warm-handed off” so that the one Microsoft experience that we intend to create is sustained.

Due to the above, Nancy has received definitive written and top scored feedback from the customers, making her a worthy nominee as a NCSW SERVICE STAR.

Mural Consulting Corporation

John Allison,
Front Line Leader

Martin Cosacco,
Front Line Service Provider

Dillon Dellea,
Front Line Service Provider

Martin is a great model of exceptional customer service. His cheery demeanor brightens up the room, and his easy laugh puts customers and coworkers alike at ease. Martin keeps a cool head in the face of stress and focuses on fixing our customers' issues.
Dillon goes above and beyond - he's tackled some of the most frustrating cases we've seen in Concierge and keeps a cool head with the customer, pushing through to resolution. Dillon's handling of disgruntled customers has prevented countless customer escalation.
John always displays excellent customer service skills by providing each customer with a confident, direct approach to solving each customer's problem. John takes good care of every customer. As a temporary lead, John displays great leadership by supporting his teams needs.
Zac Finger,
Front Line Support Staff - Platform Lead

Tyler DiCamillo,
Front Line Support Staff - IT

Tyler is always willing to help anyone regardless of time of day, if busy, or even when he doesn't feel well. Tyler always provides support a level above what is needed with a positive attitude. …I'm not sure that anyone doesn't like Tyler's personality and friendly demeanor.
Zac is the go-to person when other employees need training, a coworker has a question, or simply just a peer to talk to. Zac has exceeded expectations and expanded his knowledge to help better the company and its customers. These qualities are an asset for the company.
Hector Guzman,
Front Line Leader

Ronn Harkins,
Front Line Service Provider

Matt Hauff,
Front Line Service Provider

Ronn is always willing to help and assist the entire night shift crew with any issues or problems we are having on any case, not only does he helps with a resolution but will break the issue down for understanding to better assist and provide excellent customer service for the customer.
Hector is always available to any ambassador that needs help, regardless of his own workload and whether they are part of his team or not. I constantly see ambassadors use him as a valuable resource, and he has helped me out tremendously when I have run into roadblocks.
Sounds great on the phone, goes above and beyond to help with customers needs and problems. Overall embodies the concept of "a model for all customer service professionals.“  Matt is the captain of the ship, once we go through a storm, he finds a way to make sure the ship doesn't sink.
Brandon Horbacz,
Front Line Service Provider

Michael Humphrey,
Front Line Service Provider

Alex Keyes,
Front Line Service Provider

Brandon consistently delivers world class customer service by maintaining an upbeat positive attitude and remaining fully engaged with each contact. Brandon is reliable, disciplined, methodical, organized, and goal driven.
Michael is always patient and kind with customers and no matter the situation he always has a pleasant tone, combined with his knowledge I feel like he is a customer service super star.
Alex is always available to help his fellow ambassadors. I know I can count on him to take hard cases and that everyone of his customers get "White Glove Service". If I could clone one ambassador it would be Alex!
Jared Masek,
Front Line Service Provider

Raman Kohli,
Front Line Support Staff - Facilitator

Jared is a bombastic guy who has a great attitude that puts customers at ease and brings customer service to the next level. He is a smart guy who has helped a lot of customers and is a pleasure to listen to when he's on the phone with people. He has a lot of patience and knows how to find the solutions to problems.
Raman has gone above and beyond with training so many classes and stepping up when the back to back full training classes came through and was still there to help others during all of the hectic changes in schedule. Real team player…  
Stephanie McKerchie,
Front Line Service Provider

Dioukou Sissoko,
Front Line Service Provider

Jason Weeks,

Stephanie exemplifies the customer service spirit. With her relentless attention to detail and focus on problem-solving, she constantly de-escalates customers frustrated with their services and the potentially complicated issue that often arise.
Dioukou is an outstanding customer service professional because he is an active team player and my peer. He assists daily and multiple times a day, with our cases when insight is needed for resolution. If he is not involved in an active case and just notices, he is there.
Jason is amazing. He always will take on more work. He's always willing to help anyone who needs help & he has an amazing technical background. He knows MSFT products inside and out. Jason sees value in every employee. Mural would be lost without Jason Weeks, a true STAR!
Wells Fargo
Dwight Breiling,
Front Line Support Staff

Brett Butler,
Front Line Service Provider

Francisco Chang,
Front Line Support Staff

Dwight is a Business Systems Consultant with Wells Fargo Treasury Management Client Delivery Production Support Team, a team that provides best in class support for Treasury Management and Merchant customers tackling specific issues.

Dwight is known for consistently providing excellent, beyond expectations, support and leadership to the rest of the team without hesitation. He recently agreed to lead the team’s efforts in evolving and improving the email process into a customer experience that provides his team with the ability to communicate issues at the breakage level to our customers. This new assignment requires him to stretch beyond his day-to-day responsibilities, entailing a full end-to-end review to suggest the most thoughtful and accurate changes that remain in line with the department’s strategic roadmap. Dwight took on the challenge head on with energy, as well as a full and unwavering commitment to maintaining his strong performance in production issue management. Thanks to these changes, sending emails to our external customers will become an efficient and seamless process. We couldn’t do it without Dwight!
“Amazing, Awesome, Responsive, High Quality” These are all words Brett Butler’s clients, partners and peers have shared to describe the way he approaches his interactions each and every day. Brett’s success directly stems from his ability to build relationships and his drive to become a subject matter expert on the products used by his portfolio of clients. Within day to day servicing Brett manages his relationships seamlessly; always delivering a high quality, accurate and timely response to any issues or questions raised. Getting to know his customers personally, Brett can proactively identify customer needs and provide tailored solutions; from adding a new product or service to providing training on a complex process. He goes above and beyond for his customers by holistically analyzing their banking relationships and providing in-depth, consultative suggestions to improve their business. Often collaborating with sales partners to implement solutions Brett has been recognized frequently for being integral to business expansion and a key factor in the success of their relationships. Thank you, Brett, for being a Service Star! 
Francisco Chang is a Project Manager for Wells Fargo Treasury Management Client Delivery Migration services and spends his days answering customer emails, leading customer migration calls with clients, or bringing customer feedback and consideration into one of the many internal projects he is working on. With his professional approach, incredible attention to detail, and a “can do” attitude that can’t be beat, it’s easy to see why he was honored with a “Star Performer” award earlier this year.

This year, Francisco made significant contributions towards the expansion of the emergency or disaster Business Continuity Planning from Client Delivery to all of Wells Fargo Treasury Management. He took on the task of becoming developer for the new internal website without any prior knowledge of webpage design and, through patience and perseverance, brought together a comprehensive the page that meet the needs of many different working groups.

Everybody should have a person like Francisco on their team!
Anna Gonzales,
Front Line Service Provider

In her role as a Dedicated Client Services Officer for Wells Fargo Treasury Management Client Services, Anna Gonzales is always looking for new ways she can help her customers. Her proactive service style earns her respect from clients because Anna makes a habit of staying in touch, keeping them informed, and following through with requests. She is willing to step outside her normal duties to give clients the best experience possible, like when she recently took time to lead and train a large technology company’s team members on ACH payment handling.

Anna’s proactive nature continues when she is not speaking with clients, as she looks for ways to advocate for them and her own abilities within the office. She is consistently looking for new opportunities to improve the way she serves her customers, from helping newly hired team members and colleagues by sharing her knowledge of systems or reports, to speaking with leaders and working with specialized teams to correct production issues she noticed. By always being one step ahead, Anna is a true service star!

Judy Gutierrez,
Front Line Service Provider
Judy is a fantastic team member. Judy has a strong work ethic with a commitment to delivering the best customer service. Judy’s customer-centric approach has been recognized and praised by high valued customers. She is an asset to the team!
Krystal Herrera,
Front Line Service Provider

Corey Jones,
Front Line Service Provider

Krystal Herrera puts the “dedicated” in Dedicated Client Service Officer with the WellsOne® Service Center. Whether she’s working directly with a customer or is brought into a situation by another relationship team member, Krystal goes above and beyond to answer all outstanding questions and requests.
During the 2017 hurricane season, Krystal worked closely with the Territorial Chief of the Salvation Army on creating and waiting for new cards to arrive in the mail during the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. She knew the standard five-day turnaround time to receive new cards was too long when victims needed immediate help, and created a specialized process to manually request expedited cards herself every day during the response. She provided her own contact information, saying, “I knew how important it was and wanted him to have an immediate response and solution to every scenario.” The organization was appreciative of her efforts, awarding her a certificate of appreciation this spring and saying, “It’s partners like Krystal that enable us to more efficiently service the people that come to us during times of great need. Thanks to Krystal and your organization for coming along side us to meet the needs of others.”
Corey is a natural when providing stellar customer service. It does not matter if he is talking to the CEO of a multi-million dollar company or an Average Joe; Corey instantly builds a rapport with them. Anyone listening would imagine Corey had been his or her life-long friend. He does this with such ease and effortlessness that it is like a sixth sense. While Corey is charming customers, he is also attentively listening to their concerns to provide the best solution. In fact, Corey is currently in the top ten regarding quality monitors. A true Customer Service Hero!
Front Line Service Providers:
Rick and Alex are our top performers who continue to exceed the customer’s expectations and understand the value of providing superior support. Rick’s and Alex’s contribution to success was on show once again when they jumped at the chance to partner up with our service teams to provide Desktop Deposit training to our NSG team members and new hires. The training Alex and Rick had improved our NSG’s partner knowledge base and built their confidence.
·         Leo S. Mondragon, Team Lead from Client Services said: “The CSOs that I talked to were extremely happy with the training and the extra information they were able to get from Rick and Alex. It not only helps our CSOs be knowledgeable about DTD but it can also help minimize the amount of people that we loop in tech for and/or that we ask to call back when tech is in (after hours). Many of the CSOs expressed how grateful they were for having a few more tools under their belt to try to help our customer with the technical difficulties that they may be incurring.
·         Angela Schmitz, Learning and Development Consultant, AVP said “They said it was really great, and very helpful for them to get some hands on experience.  They were given a cheat sheet which will come in handy for them. They really appreciated being walked through the scanner installation document again to tie it all together.”

The value Rick and Alex both bring is immeasurable and the following feedbacks are indications:  
Rick's focus on quality was evident when our customer, Ullada from the Department of Technology and Security took the time to speak with me to provide feedback on his support with her Desktop Deposit scanner issue.
·         Ullanda said this “Rick was AWESOME!!! He definitely deserves a raise and promotion! Very kind, patient and knowledgeable!!! If I ever have to call you guys for support again, I would love to have Rick helping me troubleshoot my technical issues. Kudos to Rick!! An awesome asset to your company. Thanks again Rick!”

Alex's team warrior personality garnered him some accolades from his fellow team members:.
·         Cynthia Koxvold said: “Absolutely amazing job with helping us with the City of Savannah avoid fraud. I never thought that testing a false pin would help us discover the validity of the log in. Your approach and candor with the customer was absolutely perfection. We couldn't have safely discovered this fraud without you! This definitely helps keep our reputation with Wells Fargo a positive one!”
·         Randy Terry said: “Alexander, I have had the privilege to work with you on several occasions to assist a Wealth Management client in the SE Region. Along with the your great understanding of treasury services, the way in which you approached the client and made yourself available was so much appreciated. I know the client feels she is in good hands in having you to assist her with technical questions. Thank you for the partnership and leading the client experience.”

Alexander Martinez

    Richard Stewart

Anita Ortega, 
Front Line Service Provider

Patrick Petrousian,
Front Line Leader

Anita is an outstanding team member. Anita’s commitment to deliver best-in-class service to customers is recognized and appreciated. She always goes above and beyond for her customers, teammates and does it full of enthusiasm. Anita fosters teamwork and takes pride in building team engagement. She is truly a pleasure to work with!
Patrick Petrousian offers “service with the whole heart” day in and day out. In his role as a Treasury Services Team Lead for Wells Fargo Treasury Management Client Services, Patrick helps lead a team of 13 Dedicated Client Service Officers who support the bank’s Business Banking and Wealth business customers. Patrick puts his best effort in each responsibility he takes on, from proactively coaching team members on service skills and tools, to monitoring the team’s schedule for the best availability for customers, to organizing the team’s customer portfolios to match new clients with the best-fitting service officer for their unique needs.
With highly sensitive customers to consider, Patrick says when something does go wrong and he gets involved, “I take it personally.” Instead of thinking of a customer situation or escalation as a single transaction, he adapts to the client’s specific needs to find the best solution for them. The customers he serves and the team members notice the difference. As one partner recently said, his, “ownership, communication and ultimate resolution to the issue was second to none and went a long way from an overall relationship perspective. He handled it flawlessly with extreme patience and persistence!”
Rosemary Rocha,
Front Line Service Provider

Ruthie Ruiz,
Front Line Support Staff

Heidi Ruvalcaba,
Front Line Service Provider

Rosemary is a wonderful team member. Rosemary enjoys delivering the best service to customers and partners. She has a wealth of knowledge and teammates look to her for guidance. She enjoys guiding and coaching newer teammates which is appreciated. It is great to have Rosemary on the team!
Ruthie Ruiz is an expert when it comes to Customer Service throughout the Wells Fargo Treasury Management Lockbox Implementation process.  This is evident based on feedback from our customers, internal      implementation partners, and our sales teams.  In 2018, I have received over 50 emails applauding her for her customer focus.  In the third quarter alone, she has been awarded with 14 Best Shot Awards and 10 Shared        Success Awards within Wells Fargo’s internal recognition system.  Some of the reasons they provide are: Her ability to handle large customer relationships with efficiency and is always available to meet the customer’s    needs.  Another wrote that she is an exceptional partner who always adds tremendous knowledge and focus to our customers.  Ruthie also received a letter directly from the Financial Analyst Manager of Prince William     County, Maryland who stated that she had exemplary control on our project, great service, genuine interest, in-depth knowledge of lockbox implementation, and above all she was just a breath of fresh air.
Since transitioning from our research /resolution department in Treasury Management to Treasury Management Client Services, Heidi has developed a tremendous amount of knowledge for all TMCS products. Not only is she knowledgeable, she has grasped onto our line of business very quickly and continues to showcase her unique talent.  Heidi has not only met all of her metrics and goals, however has exceeded them.  Heidi continues to receive high praise from clients and relationship partners.  She is very self-efficient and is able to prioritize and execute her objectives in an organized fashion.  Heidi’s continued support for her portfolio and her service partners portfolios has been tremendous.  Heidi’s support while her service partners have been out of the office has left lasting impressions on all of her clients.  She is able to assist and resolve complex and tedious requests that are brought to her attention from all of her clients and our clients across corporate banking.  Heidi is a big resource and asset to the team and leads by example.  KUDOS to Heidi for her excellent customer service support and continuously going above and beyond!
Paul Samson,
Front Line Service Provider

Nicholas Shaw,
Front Line Service Provider

Management would like to recognize Paul Samson on his outstanding work with taking care of our customer’s Wire issues and concerns. Paul’s dedication to providing A+ support has eased frustration with many of our Wire customers whether they be small businesses to high value/profile ones. One of his many accomplishments surrounds his work with Prime Financial. Prime had become sensitive clients during their transition with numerous issues during the Wires redesign. In recent months, Prime had two issues, due to a regulation requirement from the 2017 mandate, Prime had a total of 300 wire templates that needed to be updated and they were also experiencing Mobile Wire issues. Paul’s leadership and customer focus led to his partnership with our service partner- Anna Gonzales with the dedicated team. He worked with Anna on pulling the template report, provided an efficient process for her to identify templates that needed action and constantly checked in with her to ensure all concerns were addressed. Additionally, he had proactively reached out to Prime to address their Mobile Wire approving issue. Paul continues to be an asset to our customers, his service partners and our TM Technical Support and receives much positive feedback from many different sources, including our dedicated client service partners, our Wires Project Manager and Wire Product Manager.
Nick Shaw is a Dedicated Client Service Officer on the Wells Fargo Treasury Management Client Services Specialized Industries team serving Financial Institution, Energy/Utilities, and Global Financial Institution clients. With additional background in International products and services, Nick truly does it all.
Nick has recently began supporting two very complex clients. One was in the midst of completing their implementation when Nick was brought in, diligently answering their concerns and scheduling conference calls with internal partners to ensure all needs were met. His partner said, “The customer holds a high expectation for customer service, and Nick continues to go above and beyond to win them over. He is super responsive and very knowledgeable of our Treasury products and services. I am also impressed with Nick's understanding of the customer's services and accounts.” Nick’s second new client holds quarterly calls during which Nick’s preparedness has impressed the client and sales representative. The Treasury Sales Analyst stated, “Nick came to the call prepared to address the issues we have had outstanding for the relationship, and did so eloquently." The customer agreed, saying, “Thanks for all the info you had prepared for the call. It is so nice when the call goes quickly because everyone is equipped to discuss the issues.”
Congratulations to everyone and THANKS for all you do!